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Barb Darrow
In the age of data snooping, customers need to know that no one — not their cloud provider or cloud management company — holds the key to their data, says TwinStrata CEO Nicos Vekiarides.
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Twinstrata team

In an IT world increasingly obsessed with data security, or the lack thereof, vendors are moving to bulk up the security of their products. That’s why TwinStrata is touting that the latest release of its CloudArray storage management software will make it safer for customers to get their data into their cloud of choice and/or move it between clouds securely.

It has also added support for NFS V.3 and V.4 file system protocols to the mix. Previously, CloudArray supported the Windows-oriented CIFs format and iSCSI file formats. Support for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) is under consideration.

What’s new is that “CloudArray now has a secure cloud ingest — we encrypt all the data and the customer holds the keys. There is no compromise to the security and no need to share the keys with anyone, including us,” said Nicos Vekiarides, CEO of the Natick, Mass.–based company.

“Before, the cloud providers offered data ingest and people shipped them the drives which the providers then loaded — but there was no policy around it,” he said. “Now we have a process that stores the data locally but in object-formatted and encrypted form, so whatever you do with the data you can do, put it on the disk and ship it.”

TwinStrata CEO Nicos

TwinStrata CEO Nicos Vekiarides

In its quest to make storing data offsite in a third-party cloud more palatable to companies that are increasingly spooked by the specter of data theft, TwinStrata competes with companies like Nasuni, Panzura and StorSimple, which Microsoft acquired in October 2012.

The argument of these third-party providers is that while it’s fine and dandy that more cloud providers now offer server-side encryption, the cloud companies — not the customers — own the key that can unlock the data. That is not a good feeling in the age of NSA data snooping.

CloudArray is available as a software-only VM, a software-and-hardware bundle and as a bundle with Google Cloud. It also supports Amazon Web Services, IBM and AT&T clouds.