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Samuel L. Jackson

Stop Promoting Free Porn

...Say Angry XXX Actors

5/1/2014 7:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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Samuel L. Jackson likes his porn ... but he wants it for FREE ... and that's pissing off some XXX stars who accuse Sam of promoting film piracy.

Jackson -- aka Nick Fury --  was at a news conference for the new Capt. America movie when he was asked to name one of the best pop culture achievements of the last 50 years. SLJ had a quick answer: RedTube -- the free porn sharing website.

Now some actors in the skin biz are demanding an apology from Sam ... telling TMZ RedTube is nothing more than a pirate site that allows users to illegally post stolen porn.  And, they add, "Superheroes don't steal porn."

Adult actress Catalina Cruz is demanding a boycott of Jackson's films ... saying Hollywood vehemently opposes piracy of mainstream movies ... but somehow thinks it's okay for people to steal a 5-minute porn clip.

XXX actress Tanya Tate says piracy impacts her directly ... because she produces her own web content. "I would gladly send a catalog of adult movies I have directed to Mr. Jackson if he would be so kind as to recant the comment."

She adds, "I have a stack of porn for him to help him see the error of his ways."