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  COPYRIGHT 2014: The International Education Institute, 5426 N. Road 68, Suite D#189, Pasco WA 99301-5268 //
Telephone: 1-509-430-9527 or 1-888-664-5343 // Email:

The International Education Institute was founded more than a decade ago as a Washington State non-profit organization to provide free and low-cost education to millions of people online and around the world. Projects have related to the following websites: - home of the IEI Public Service Online TV Network. - home of the IEI Virtual University, still under development. VU's goal is to provide a blend of hands-on internship-based education and flexible online education. This will begin initially with a new Intern & Travel program that will provide students with online education, university credit and internship experience in countries around the world. For students from non-English-speaking countries, this website includes hundreds of English lessons to help prepare students for internships in America, the United Kingdom, and other locations where English is required. and - a project to support early reading strategies, including an experimental early reading program intended to help schools in America comply with the No Child Left Behind Act. - an experimental website for the Washington State Office of Secondary Education for Migrant Youth. - a multimedia online newspaper prepared by international university students. - for more information about the founder and president of The International Education Institute.